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Stricken Desire- A Book I've Written

Stricken Desire (Stricken Rock) (Volume 1) - S.K. Logsdon

So as some of you know I'm a indie Contemporary Erotica Romance Author. Stricken Desire is the first book to the series that I've written and I couldn't be happier. It's hot and steamy and puts you through a lot of roller coasters. Some may say it's similar to other Rock books in this genre but what I pride myself in as an author is unpredictability. I don't want to read something and just know what's going to happen next. So I add a lot of fun along the way.


This book was a labor of love for me and through the series ( There are 4 books) I have fallen in love with each and every main character. There are plenty for you to cling to and enjoy. In the end though I hope by book four everyone is happy with Emily's HEA ( Happily Ever After).




Best Book- Dark Lover- Black Dagger Brotherhood- J.R. Ward.

Dark Lover  - J.R. Ward

I am a huge J.R. Ward Fan. I've read her entire BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.) After going through them all and having a shrine dedicated to them in my living room. (Yes, I'm that obsessed.) I have to say this is my favorite book of the bunch. Even if it is the first of the series. 


This book not only introduces you into the world of the Brothers (Vampires) and Lessers (Slayers.) But it also allows you to fall in love with in my opinion the best Vampire and King - Wrath. 


I am a fan of all the brothers but Wrath is my favorite and I've read this book more than once because of my love for it. 


Pros- It has romance, suspense, uniqueness, action and a hot book boyfriend. 


Cons- Spends a little too much time talking about Lessers (After reading it the first time I skipped these parts.) and the Cover isn't inviting to me. But It doesn't deter away from the book itself. 


Her Billionaires Series - Julia Kent - Review

Her First Billionaire - Julia Kent Her Billionaires: Boxed Set - Julia Kent Her Second Billionaire - Julia Kent Her Two Billionaires - Julia Kent Her Two Billionaires and a Baby - Julia Kent

Her Billionaires: Boxed Set - Julia Kent 


I just completed the entire Her Billionaires Collection by Julia Kent- I got the first book for free from Amazon but when I went to purchase the second I saw it was offered in a set for $2.99. Which is a complete steal. 

This collection is four novels and I loved them all. Not sure the exactly word count but it came to 850ish pages on my Nook HD+. 


The Titles of each book basically give you the idea of what you are reading about without even having to read the descriptions. Which for some maybe a positive note while others may find it a let down. The final book it was a let down for me because I didn't want to know what happened and the title basically spelled it all out for me. 

I like a little bit of mystery with my reading. Although those who are craving a Happily ever after should be pleased. 


The fourth and final installment was a bit of a let down for me because it didn't come with enough emotions or complications. I love to read spicy works including stories with roller-coasters of emotions. But overall I was happy with the series. 


If you like erotic MMF romances where the men are straight. This is for you. I thought it was interesting and kept my attention enough to finish in two days. 


Cons- Predictability and a last book that was under-par compared the the rest of the series. 

Pros- Medium-hot sex scenes, inventive writing, intelligent heroine, sexy men, uniqueness, clean editing and a friendly best friend. 


And As an added bonus I personally LOVE the covers. They are simple yet sexy.