Best Book- Dark Lover- Black Dagger Brotherhood- J.R. Ward.

Dark Lover  - J.R. Ward

I am a huge J.R. Ward Fan. I've read her entire BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.) After going through them all and having a shrine dedicated to them in my living room. (Yes, I'm that obsessed.) I have to say this is my favorite book of the bunch. Even if it is the first of the series. 


This book not only introduces you into the world of the Brothers (Vampires) and Lessers (Slayers.) But it also allows you to fall in love with in my opinion the best Vampire and King - Wrath. 


I am a fan of all the brothers but Wrath is my favorite and I've read this book more than once because of my love for it. 


Pros- It has romance, suspense, uniqueness, action and a hot book boyfriend. 


Cons- Spends a little too much time talking about Lessers (After reading it the first time I skipped these parts.) and the Cover isn't inviting to me. But It doesn't deter away from the book itself.