Dark Citadel Review

Dark Citadel  - Cherise Sinclair

Yes, I loved it. Even more than the first one. Only because it made my stomach do so many flips. I even cried a few times when I thought Master Dan was being too mean to her. I couldn't handle some of that stuff that Cherise puts these poor characters through. But I guess that's why I read about them. And not experience it myself. 

I wish I would have heard more about what happens after they say they want each other just like I felt that way with the first book. I want to know more of the happily ever after. This one had more of a tug and pull than the first and for that I liked it more. I also loved the way Master Dan talks. I think that's why it made my have butterflies like a teenage girl. lol.... 



Cons- It has a few areas that feel redundant and the ending could have been drawn out more. 


Pros- Great story, well written, I love Master Dan--- Hot book boyfriend, very erotic and makes you sit on the edge of your seat.