Lean On Me - Masters of the Shawdowlands #4 Review-

Lean on Me[ LEAN ON ME ] by Sinclair, Cherise (Author) Sep-16-10[ Paperback ] -

After reading now 4 of the series. I came across the first as a freebie and I heard good things so I read it one night and I've been itching to read the rest ever sense.
Cullen out of all of the Masters besides Dan, he's my favorite. I think it's his sarcastic, flirty personality that you've grown to love over 4 books. photo tumblr_lx99wucOo01qhen52_zpsdd1a437e.gif

With that being said because I am so in love with Cullen I was a bit disappointed with who he ended up with. Not that I feel that Andrea is a bad choice. I just think someone would have been better suited for him. Although I do like her independent behavior.

I got to see more of Kari --- Master Dan's wife in this story and of course I love her! So I was happy about that. As well as more about Jessica, Master Z's Sub/woman. Beth played a few parts and I like her too and I Am sure as the series surges on I will start to enjoy Andrea more. But overall I wasn't overly excited about her.

I voted the past books mostly 4's because I like the tug in my gut and this didn't do it but twice. With Dan and Kari's Book (#2) I cried all the time, my stomach was in zinging knots and I haven't felt that great about a book in a long time.

I'm excited to see how Cullen and Andrea Fair in the future. But this book fell slightly short for me.
I also hated that she called him Seinor outside of the club. I realize that not all the relationships will be the same. But honestly, her being such an independent woman seems missed placed to me somehow.

Over all 4 Stars--- Another hot BDSM Romance- Excited to read #5