Diamond Girl Review-- Andrea Smith

Diamond Girl  - Andrea  Smith

I personally Know this Author but this in no way shape or form hindered my opinion/review of this book. 
I honestly picked it up since Andrea Posted it was on sale and I wanted to see what it was all about. I didn't even know what is was about. Other than it was an Erotic Romance (my favorite kind of book.) 
I have to be honest the first 4-5 Chapters are more drawing you into understanding Samantha's back story and life. So I struggled a little. I was waiting for the action ( not just the sex.) But after I got into the story a little ways and met Slate and the other characters, I loved it. 
I was completely thrown for a loop a few times ( which is hard to pass one over on me).. And when I read books I look to have that knot alleyoop in my tummy happen when a special scene happens. This did it for me a few times which I LOVE. 
Lots of uniqueness to this story- Which for me is a very good thing. It's not overly hot on the sex so if you're looking to engage in harder core sex and hotter sex scenes this isn't it. Although it's still enjoyable. 
I rated this a 5 because I really enjoyed the story- It was well planned and mapped out. I didn't find myself confused and her vocabulary was vast but understandable. (Some authors think if you use big complicated words it's more appealing, but in most cases it confuses readers and makes them feel lesser-than if they don't know what something means.) --- Which Andrea didn't do. 

Cons- A little slow starter and lighter sex( This is a preference.) 

Pros- Well spaced and written, hot, unique, very romantic in a non-traditional sense, book boyfriend material, fantastic leading lady.