Father Found Review

Father Found - Judith Arnold

I Read the EBOOK Version of this- It's FREE on Amazon. 
I decided to tackle this read while I was on vacation. I realized it was published previously in paperback but I didn't care how old it was. If it was good- it was good. 
I really loved this book. There were a few things here or there that I could have done without. Alison the main female is a bit judgmental of the male in this book. She's not very nice about it either. But, I take into consideration that this book was written in the late 90's so the open-mindedness was less than it even is now in regards to this story. So I understand the writers POV on why she created the turmoil like she did. 

Overall I was quite happy with the story. I thought it was cute and sweet and had some spiciness. It wasn't as predictable as a lot of books are. 

Cons- Could have been longer, judgemental heroine, Not enough sex for me.

Pro- Uniqueness, sweetness, well written, FREE-- I just really liked the story.