Reapers Property- Review-

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde

This was a book I started at 1am--- Thought I'd read a few chapters--- Now it's after 6am and I just finished. Needless to say I couldn't put the dang thing down. It was a smooth flowing book. Gave me some serious stomach twists.... Not tons of things that I didn't already know were going to happen. (I'm a unpredictable and heart wrenching with erotica junkie.) 
I was swaying between rating this a 4 or a 5- But honestly I got drawn into the story- So I couldn't rate it anything less than a 5. I wanted to be Marie by the end- 
As an author myself I know it can be difficult to give people what they want as well as add in drama to create the angst and push and pull. 
It was romantic and a great back and forth between view points. The most creative thing from my perspective was the first person writing from Marie's POV and the Third persons perspective from Horses. It makes sense and was carefully written in that way. 

Creative and great writing--- Overall it's a win-win. 

As with most of my reviews I post a Pros and cons list based on my thoughts. 

Cons- Sex was good but could have been drawn out a bit more, Marie from my view gave into Horse too easily. It wasn't enough drama there for me.

Pros-Great story line, unique twist, various erotic choices (not boring), well developed characters, believable people-- (Even with a man named Horse.) Had me craving to be one the Old Ladies considering how much the entire group accepted Marie.