Hey there Delilah -- Book Review

Hey There, Delilah - M.D. Saperstein, Andria Large

I couldn't decide whether to rate this a 4 or a 5- So I am going with a 4.5 Stars--- 
It was witty and funny and sweet. The story was written in first person present tense... WHICH I LOVE!
I laughed a few times I had tears streaming down my face. When you think of erotic romances, there are books that capture more erotic side of things, as others capture the romance side. This book flows more into the romance, rather than the sex. Yes, there is some hot sex scenes. But overall it's not overly sexual. (for those who don't want it super smutty.) -- There is a lot of talk about arousal but it's more about feelings and emotions in this story. A good insight into each persons mind. That's why I LOVE first person novels. 

To be honest I really enjoyed the even personalities of both characters. A lot of times you find a male to be too dominate, or a woman too whinny. We see that a lot in books. In this story both Delilah and her 'Italian Stallion.' have a good head on their shoulders. 

Mild in the angst or push and pull. It's a rather level, well flowing story. 

Overall if you want a good sweet, mild angst ridden story-- This is great to read.. It really is sweet and has some really clever funny bits. 

Cons- More telling of the story in first person instead of showing, Not enough passionate sex (for me because I'm a smut junkie...), predictable. 

Pros- Sweet, sexy, well written, likable characters, funny, extremely romantic, heartwarming.