FEVER - By: Maya Banks --- Book Review

Fever - Maya Banks

I hate rating books lower than a 4 or a 5--- It's agonizing to me.
The first book in this Trilogy was amazing. It was hot and spicy and perfect. This Book however was seriously underwhelming to me.
The comparison to me is like a Filet Mignon compared to a Hamburger. Both good but a Filet Mignon is considerably more delectable.
Furthermore making FEVER the latter-
It was insta-love. Not just the little bits of flirting and heart rendering questioning. It was outright 'I want you.' -- 'I will take care of you.' -- 'Lets be together.'
Which for those who want a mushy story is great and all is well.
Personally for my taste however, it's not very appealing. I love angst, I love passion and the drama with the push and pull. This had it in mild spurts. But I want to have my stomach hurting and clinching in scenes. Not making we want to skip ahead as the story dragged on.

The only thing for me that saved this from actually becoming a 2 star was last 80 pages of story when things finally took off and a particular scene had be laughing so hard I had to wipe my eyes.

Typically I make a pros and con's list of my thoughts- This book however I will not do.
I want to say that I think the author is a genius in her own right and did a great job creating a well-written and sweet story. I do not want my opinion of the story to make her seem lesser than the creative genius she is. I do enjoy her work. But, that point being this story in particular did not appeal to my tastes nor senses.

This story would appeal to people who love level romances with almost an entire book of predictability. It's cute and sweet. A level 35 MPH ride the entire way. It has some rather detailed sex scenes and it's heat level is higher than average in that department.