RUSH - By: Maya Banks -- 5 Star Book Review

Rush - Maya Banks

I've been wanting to read this series for quite some time. I was happy to finally pick it up for a reasonable price. So on vacation this week I read it. I love love love love loved this book. It's hot and sexy and sweet all at the same time. Yes, it's rather predictable. But still it was so good.
I felt like a very naughty girl reading some of the sex scenes of this in the NY Subway system... lol..

I think my main part I liked the most about this is that Mia is such a likable woman. She's not weak or mean. She's very steadfast and loyal. That's what makes this such a great read. You go through so many stories like Gabriel's Inferno or 50 Shades and you are okay with the leading ladies. But in this one you LOVE Mia. And Gabe is seriously book boyfriend material.

The ending of this story was super sweet and I think every woman would want a man like Gabe in the end.

Cons- Predictability and lack of sex towards end of story.

Pros- Romance, well thought out characters, wonderful writing, sexy as hell, lovable.

I can't express enough how great this book was.
I typically enjoy more drama and less predictability. But it wasn't as predictable as a lot of books I've read and I just loved it.

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