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Review- REAL by Katy Evans

Real  - Katy Evans

My Star Rating is 3. 

Without having to get into the complexities on why I liked or didn't like parts of this story and why I rated it a 3. I will state the things I love and things I felt lacked. Which in no way discredits this authors amazing ability to write and keep readers entranced. I commend her for writing a successful story. 

Disliked- Brooke telling me the story, first person isn't always about telling, it's walking hand in hand with the reader and I felt less depth with this type of first person writing. The story line didn't have enough angst for my taste. And instant love and lust that kept going to whole story seemed repetitive. 

Liked- Well edited, unique story line, vast romance scenarios, mysterious hot fighter. 

Gabriel's Inferno Review

Gabriel's Inferno (Gabriel's Inferno, #1) - Sylvain Reynard

I realize some maybe drawn back by the fact that I rated this a 3. I know a lot of people loved this book. But from my own perspective, it wasn't fast enough paced or create enough heat for me. I thought the writing was well thought out. It has a level flow. If you are happy with baseline romance novels and pure predictability then this would be a fantastic read. For me however, since I draw to dramatics in my writing as well as what I read, I was underwhelmed. I do not want this to reflect the quality of the author. She is very talented. That's why it pains me to leave a 3 star. But I can't give a false review.


From my perspective of the story, based on my tastes. I thought it was okay. I liked Julianne, she had a great likability to her, even though she's youthful. To be honest in comparison to Ana from 50 Shades. She annoyed me less. But that might be due to the fact she was pretty even in her personality and I like drama. I found it somehow interesting that Gabriel much like Christian Grey were adopted and raised by a family with a sister and a brother. Lets face it, this book had parts I loved. While many others had me nearly falling a sleep or causing me to skip paragraphs just to get on with the story. I can only hear about kissing so much, or about how they feel (when it's nearly always the same.) The main thing I think that caused my breaking to a 3 Star instead of a 4- Is that this story is more of a telling than a showing in terms of writing. The dialogue between characters is well less than 1/2 of the story. I'm a dialog drunkard.


Cons- Predictability (I could tell what was going to happen at nearly every turn.), Pace was slow, romance was always the same, Kissing scenes happened one right after the other. Not enough hotness.

Pros- Interesting and intriguing base plot, Usage of words were well thought out, it had romance, some parts made me smile.


I don't want to bash the writing or giveaway too much in my thoughts. So I left it as basic as I can. I only hope those who choose to read this story are not seeking heart-rendering drama, steam or fast paced story lines. If you want sweet love and romance with a mild twist and turn. Then this is perfect. photo tumblr_lmiixcbBo01qafrh6_zpsa9a2ff73.gif

The Way Home Review- AC Bextor

The Way Home  - A.C. Bextor



Well first off I'm not exactly how I should phrase any bit of this story without spoilers. I didn't read the synopsis, I never do on any story. I just knew from LOVING the first book, that I wanted to read this one. Sadey- This is basically her story and even though I really didn't care for her much in the first book. I love her a lot more now. She's a stronger and less whiny woman. She does irk me a times but overall I like her now. Mace- This girl is one of my most favorite female characters from any book. She funny, sassy, strong and she's not a whiner. I LOVE her! I've loved her in the first book and I love her even more so, now. Shame- Well if you didn't love him from book one. You will fall deeply in love with him in this book. I LOVE him. He's hot and I wanna take him home with me -- so he can 'love my face' and 'make my ass pink' Overall I was very SURPRISED with this story. It didn't turn out at all like I had thought from the beginning. Which is great. I'm not sure if I'm happy or not happy about it. I love the way it turned out in it's own way. But I would have loved to see how it turned out with a different twist. It's one of those 'What if' books. I Love A.C Bextor and her writing. I thought this book was great. I loved the first person point of view. The childhood flashbacks and extra insights. It was well written, plotted perfection. And it's another home run from my view point. I wish I could say more, but you will have to read the story to find out what happens. I can't give it away. This is my best way to express how I felt in the story- Starting- photo 732489_zps8f06a160.gif

Less than half way through I'm beside myself photo oh-my-god_zpsa21b8ac7.gif


At the end I'm here- photo giphy_zps0a9d8bd7.gif Rating Scale- Story- 5 Sex- 3 Overall- 5 because it made me HAPPY!!! And it was VERY entertaining!

Holding On- Lights of Peril Review

Holding On: Lights of Peril (Volume 1) - A.C. Bextor

Holy Shit balls! What an Emotional Roller Coaster! I just finished reading this story after my girlfriend at Ramblings from Beneath the sheets book blog suggested it. I've been getting into Biker stories more so as of late. So I figured, what the heck. If this review turns into a jumbled mess I apologize. I just finished UGLY crying because this story enthralled me so much I felt my heart ripping from my chest or my stomach clinching at so many scenes. I loved this book. It is longer, so it took me a few days to complete so I could actually get some sleep. But it was really well written, great in-depth understanding of the characters. Writing in first person present tense which is my absolute favorite style to read and to write in. A++++ To this author. Bravo! You kept me on my toes and the ending was by far thee best ending I've read in forever! photo large_zpsedc4d66d.gif SPOILER ALERT AHEAD- This story contained by far thee best 'coming out' about pregnancy that I've read thus far in ANY book. It was funny, realistic, cute and I just loved it. To be honest, Sadey, the best friend. I didn't care for through most of the book. Something about her made me think she was a glutton for punishment and I had to roll my eyes a few times because I couldn't stand her. But when you finish the book you realize it ALL makes perfect sense and the author, as a genius, mapped it out perfectly! Mace- The narrator of the story for most parts of the book. I LOVE her. She's strong and mouthy and just a great woman. I can't stand weak defenseless women in stories and this one was perfectly a mixture of both emotional and strength. The only thing that I felt was lacking a little based purely on my own preferences-- Was the sex parts- There were some. But I felt there needed to be more. I wanted to feel more sexual passion and tension and heat. I felt the emotional part. But the sexual part fell below what I typically like to read. But it doesn't deter my feelings of this story. It was still amazing and I feel blessed to have read a book by an author with this kind of imagination and courage to put in some of those rather intense moments. I know from experience it's not easy making certain choices and I'm just glad she did. Giving us this amazing story. 5 Stars in my book and I just hope you all decide to pick up this book and see for yourself. This is how I felt the entire Story!!! photo tumblr_mjvwlqr9dx1s7gocwo1_500_zpsf312dca9.gif By the End I'm Left here--- photo tumblr_inline_mic88omNDH1qz4rgp_zpsa06b8c1e.gif And after I get over my emotional mess... I'm left doing this! photo tumblr_m82p7m2FWi1qm5fq8_zps41bbdabc.gif *** PLEASE note as in other reviews people have commented about Editing problems and such. I myself found less than 10 that stood out in the entire story and it's a long story. I guess some people are more inclined to pick out things to knit pick at when they don't enjoy what they are reading. Sorry, as an author myself I had to put this little comment in.

Lex- Unconventional Hearts

Lex (Unconventional Hearts) - S.K. Logsdon

Lex- Well-- This is another book I've wrote and so my review is going to be biased. But I must say. This book was probably my #1 labor of love thus far. Writing it has meant the world to me and the content, is not like any books I've ever read before. I've also been told that by many others as well. 


Lex- What can I say about this book? As the author of this 140K word Novel, my opinion is biased. However I always post my own reviews. So everyone can get an insight into my POV of this book. 

Ultimately this book was probably the most internally developed for me. Lex as become a huge part of me. A lot like Emily from my Stricken Series has. 
I wrote this novel because it was important to me to encompass unique people. It's about loving who you are through all the trials and tribulations you face in life. It's about coming to terms and accepting yourself, no matter your own faults or differences. Lex has a mountain of internally and physical barriers to overcome. Even though she isn't weak, she still has baggage. Which I am sure many of us can relate to. 

When I first decided to write this book many people I spoke to about it stood back and gave me a funny look. Like 'Stephanie you're sure you want to write something like THIS... do you know what you are opening yourself up to?' --- Yes I do know I basically handed bullies and judgmental people a book on a silver platter. Because it's just as my new series States. It's unconventional. Just as all the other books in this series will be. Unconventional. 

In my opinion you can find millions of great romances, erotic romances, most of them relatively normal. If you've read my books before you know that I pride myself in NOT writing books like that. I don't want to write what other people do. I want to write things that ultimately either make you uncomfortable or open you up to new views in life. 
Don't get me wrong I love books about Susy meeting Robbie in high school and they fell in love and lived happily ever after. That is wonderful. I commend any author for writing a good book. It's not as easy as some may think. I just don't want to write about Susy's and Robbie's --- I want to write about Emily's and Alexis's and Lex's ---

So back to Lex- this book takes place in a small city called Heartfair. It's cookie and family based. It's what you'd picture as a wholesome place to grow up. Lex, is a business owner. And she's strong, independent and has probably underwent more emotional turmoil than anybody I've ever heard of. 

I don't want to give away too much. I just want you all to know that this book encompasses people from all walks of life. It brings many feeling, and situations to the forefront and makes you see them. It might make you mad, it might make you sick, want to cry, --- I don't know. All I do know is... I want to thank each and every one of you who does read this book. I can't wait to hear what you think. 

Thanks- Much Love- S.K. Logsdon. 

RUSH - By: Maya Banks -- 5 Star Book Review

Rush - Maya Banks

I've been wanting to read this series for quite some time. I was happy to finally pick it up for a reasonable price. So on vacation this week I read it. I love love love love loved this book. It's hot and sexy and sweet all at the same time. Yes, it's rather predictable. But still it was so good.
I felt like a very naughty girl reading some of the sex scenes of this in the NY Subway system... lol..

I think my main part I liked the most about this is that Mia is such a likable woman. She's not weak or mean. She's very steadfast and loyal. That's what makes this such a great read. You go through so many stories like Gabriel's Inferno or 50 Shades and you are okay with the leading ladies. But in this one you LOVE Mia. And Gabe is seriously book boyfriend material.

The ending of this story was super sweet and I think every woman would want a man like Gabe in the end.

Cons- Predictability and lack of sex towards end of story.

Pros- Romance, well thought out characters, wonderful writing, sexy as hell, lovable.

I can't express enough how great this book was.
I typically enjoy more drama and less predictability. But it wasn't as predictable as a lot of books I've read and I just loved it.

photo tumblr_mx4yug9jJF1riabg6o1_500_zps0d2a443e.gif

photo yeah-baby-gif-joey-friends_zps2908281c.gif

FEVER - By: Maya Banks --- Book Review

Fever - Maya Banks

I hate rating books lower than a 4 or a 5--- It's agonizing to me.
The first book in this Trilogy was amazing. It was hot and spicy and perfect. This Book however was seriously underwhelming to me.
The comparison to me is like a Filet Mignon compared to a Hamburger. Both good but a Filet Mignon is considerably more delectable.
Furthermore making FEVER the latter-
It was insta-love. Not just the little bits of flirting and heart rendering questioning. It was outright 'I want you.' -- 'I will take care of you.' -- 'Lets be together.'
Which for those who want a mushy story is great and all is well.
Personally for my taste however, it's not very appealing. I love angst, I love passion and the drama with the push and pull. This had it in mild spurts. But I want to have my stomach hurting and clinching in scenes. Not making we want to skip ahead as the story dragged on.

The only thing for me that saved this from actually becoming a 2 star was last 80 pages of story when things finally took off and a particular scene had be laughing so hard I had to wipe my eyes.

Typically I make a pros and con's list of my thoughts- This book however I will not do.
I want to say that I think the author is a genius in her own right and did a great job creating a well-written and sweet story. I do not want my opinion of the story to make her seem lesser than the creative genius she is. I do enjoy her work. But, that point being this story in particular did not appeal to my tastes nor senses.

This story would appeal to people who love level romances with almost an entire book of predictability. It's cute and sweet. A level 35 MPH ride the entire way. It has some rather detailed sex scenes and it's heat level is higher than average in that department.




Hey there Delilah -- Book Review

Hey There, Delilah - M.D. Saperstein, Andria Large

I couldn't decide whether to rate this a 4 or a 5- So I am going with a 4.5 Stars--- 
It was witty and funny and sweet. The story was written in first person present tense... WHICH I LOVE!
I laughed a few times I had tears streaming down my face. When you think of erotic romances, there are books that capture more erotic side of things, as others capture the romance side. This book flows more into the romance, rather than the sex. Yes, there is some hot sex scenes. But overall it's not overly sexual. (for those who don't want it super smutty.) -- There is a lot of talk about arousal but it's more about feelings and emotions in this story. A good insight into each persons mind. That's why I LOVE first person novels. 

To be honest I really enjoyed the even personalities of both characters. A lot of times you find a male to be too dominate, or a woman too whinny. We see that a lot in books. In this story both Delilah and her 'Italian Stallion.' have a good head on their shoulders. 

Mild in the angst or push and pull. It's a rather level, well flowing story. 

Overall if you want a good sweet, mild angst ridden story-- This is great to read.. It really is sweet and has some really clever funny bits. 

Cons- More telling of the story in first person instead of showing, Not enough passionate sex (for me because I'm a smut junkie...), predictable. 

Pros- Sweet, sexy, well written, likable characters, funny, extremely romantic, heartwarming. 

Reapers Property- Review-

Reaper's Property  - Joanna Wylde

This was a book I started at 1am--- Thought I'd read a few chapters--- Now it's after 6am and I just finished. Needless to say I couldn't put the dang thing down. It was a smooth flowing book. Gave me some serious stomach twists.... Not tons of things that I didn't already know were going to happen. (I'm a unpredictable and heart wrenching with erotica junkie.) 
I was swaying between rating this a 4 or a 5- But honestly I got drawn into the story- So I couldn't rate it anything less than a 5. I wanted to be Marie by the end- 
As an author myself I know it can be difficult to give people what they want as well as add in drama to create the angst and push and pull. 
It was romantic and a great back and forth between view points. The most creative thing from my perspective was the first person writing from Marie's POV and the Third persons perspective from Horses. It makes sense and was carefully written in that way. 

Creative and great writing--- Overall it's a win-win. 

As with most of my reviews I post a Pros and cons list based on my thoughts. 

Cons- Sex was good but could have been drawn out a bit more, Marie from my view gave into Horse too easily. It wasn't enough drama there for me.

Pros-Great story line, unique twist, various erotic choices (not boring), well developed characters, believable people-- (Even with a man named Horse.) Had me craving to be one the Old Ladies considering how much the entire group accepted Marie.

When Love Hurts Review

When Love Hurts - Aderonke Moyinlorun

I absolutely love this book! It's a good length. Great character building and I am completely in love with Drake. He's hot and makes me all giddy. Raymond made me angry throughout the story and I wish I could just smack him around. I don't quite understand why Tamara's all about him. Yes, I realize they had special times together and she loves him. But after what he does to her. She's a lot braver than I would be to keep him around.
I love this uniqueness of the plot and it moves forward in a nice even pace. Not choppy at all and very well written.
There are a few sex scenes in the story. They are hot but not raunchy. It fits the romance and suspense of the story very well.

The ending keeps you on the edge of your seat and I can't wait for the next installment.

Father Found Review

Father Found - Judith Arnold

I Read the EBOOK Version of this- It's FREE on Amazon. 
I decided to tackle this read while I was on vacation. I realized it was published previously in paperback but I didn't care how old it was. If it was good- it was good. 
I really loved this book. There were a few things here or there that I could have done without. Alison the main female is a bit judgmental of the male in this book. She's not very nice about it either. But, I take into consideration that this book was written in the late 90's so the open-mindedness was less than it even is now in regards to this story. So I understand the writers POV on why she created the turmoil like she did. 

Overall I was quite happy with the story. I thought it was cute and sweet and had some spiciness. It wasn't as predictable as a lot of books are. 

Cons- Could have been longer, judgemental heroine, Not enough sex for me.

Pro- Uniqueness, sweetness, well written, FREE-- I just really liked the story.

Diamond Girl Review-- Andrea Smith

Diamond Girl  - Andrea  Smith

I personally Know this Author but this in no way shape or form hindered my opinion/review of this book. 
I honestly picked it up since Andrea Posted it was on sale and I wanted to see what it was all about. I didn't even know what is was about. Other than it was an Erotic Romance (my favorite kind of book.) 
I have to be honest the first 4-5 Chapters are more drawing you into understanding Samantha's back story and life. So I struggled a little. I was waiting for the action ( not just the sex.) But after I got into the story a little ways and met Slate and the other characters, I loved it. 
I was completely thrown for a loop a few times ( which is hard to pass one over on me).. And when I read books I look to have that knot alleyoop in my tummy happen when a special scene happens. This did it for me a few times which I LOVE. 
Lots of uniqueness to this story- Which for me is a very good thing. It's not overly hot on the sex so if you're looking to engage in harder core sex and hotter sex scenes this isn't it. Although it's still enjoyable. 
I rated this a 5 because I really enjoyed the story- It was well planned and mapped out. I didn't find myself confused and her vocabulary was vast but understandable. (Some authors think if you use big complicated words it's more appealing, but in most cases it confuses readers and makes them feel lesser-than if they don't know what something means.) --- Which Andrea didn't do. 

Cons- A little slow starter and lighter sex( This is a preference.) 

Pros- Well spaced and written, hot, unique, very romantic in a non-traditional sense, book boyfriend material, fantastic leading lady. 

Lean On Me - Masters of the Shawdowlands #4 Review-

Lean on Me[ LEAN ON ME ] by Sinclair, Cherise (Author) Sep-16-10[ Paperback ] -

After reading now 4 of the series. I came across the first as a freebie and I heard good things so I read it one night and I've been itching to read the rest ever sense.
Cullen out of all of the Masters besides Dan, he's my favorite. I think it's his sarcastic, flirty personality that you've grown to love over 4 books. photo tumblr_lx99wucOo01qhen52_zpsdd1a437e.gif

With that being said because I am so in love with Cullen I was a bit disappointed with who he ended up with. Not that I feel that Andrea is a bad choice. I just think someone would have been better suited for him. Although I do like her independent behavior.

I got to see more of Kari --- Master Dan's wife in this story and of course I love her! So I was happy about that. As well as more about Jessica, Master Z's Sub/woman. Beth played a few parts and I like her too and I Am sure as the series surges on I will start to enjoy Andrea more. But overall I wasn't overly excited about her.

I voted the past books mostly 4's because I like the tug in my gut and this didn't do it but twice. With Dan and Kari's Book (#2) I cried all the time, my stomach was in zinging knots and I haven't felt that great about a book in a long time.

I'm excited to see how Cullen and Andrea Fair in the future. But this book fell slightly short for me.
I also hated that she called him Seinor outside of the club. I realize that not all the relationships will be the same. But honestly, her being such an independent woman seems missed placed to me somehow.

Over all 4 Stars--- Another hot BDSM Romance- Excited to read #5


Breaking Free -- Masters Of Shadowland Review

Breaking Free (Masters of the Shadowlands) (Volume 3) - Cherise Sinclair

I really loved this story. All though the series has bdsm ... and very well written. I feel this story basically is the same as the rest. Not a whole lot changes. The focus is on sex or bdsm and id love to see more of a focus on the romance or relationship aspect. But it was still very good. Out of all the masters we've met I am most intrigued by Cullen. Can't wait to read his story. But thus far master Dans book had my stomach in knots. This one however didn't,although I loved the female friendship in this story and look forward to seeing how that is integrated into the remainder of the stories.

Dark Citadel Review

Dark Citadel  - Cherise Sinclair

Yes, I loved it. Even more than the first one. Only because it made my stomach do so many flips. I even cried a few times when I thought Master Dan was being too mean to her. I couldn't handle some of that stuff that Cherise puts these poor characters through. But I guess that's why I read about them. And not experience it myself. 

I wish I would have heard more about what happens after they say they want each other just like I felt that way with the first book. I want to know more of the happily ever after. This one had more of a tug and pull than the first and for that I liked it more. I also loved the way Master Dan talks. I think that's why it made my have butterflies like a teenage girl. lol.... 



Cons- It has a few areas that feel redundant and the ending could have been drawn out more. 


Pros- Great story, well written, I love Master Dan--- Hot book boyfriend, very erotic and makes you sit on the edge of your seat. 

Sookie Stackhouse Series - Review- Books 1-7

Living Dead in Dallas   - Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) - Charlaine Harris Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris Dead to the World  - Charlaine Harris Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris All Together Dead  - Charlaine Harris Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris

I wanted to provide my review for just the first seven of the series, because they are the best. The rest from book eight onward just slowly trickle downhill. 

I was impressed with this series and it was one of the first that I got enveloped in with the characters and it's written in it's entirety as first person. From Sookie Stackhouse's POV. Which as a reader and an author I enjoy first person books more than I do third person. It's a personal preference. 

This series does make you feel like Sookie is a hoochie at times because of her multiple sex partners with many supernatural folks. Many people choose a team as they do in most series. And I was on the Eric Northman band wagon from book one. I love that Vampire. In the books, as well as the TV show that is a poor adaptation of the books. But equally just as good. 

I think the first Seven books of this series rate 5 in my book only because they are so vast and full of fun and mystery. They keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you begging for more. 


I myself am a huge fan of Sookie as well as many other people in the series. So it's not just one person you become invested in, it's the whole lot of them. 


Pros- Good Story line, well written, vast plot lines, romance. 


Cons- Not enough sex. ( I like my books to be hotter.), Slowly starts to stumble downhill after book 8, and the final book of the series makes you want to lash out and cry at the same time. It's a terrible ending to a series.